Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Kairos Moment

Sometimes in our lives a situation or set of circumstances is pregnant with meaning. Pregnant is a strong word and to the ladies out there, my wife is pregnant, so I don’t use the word lightly! The New Testament and Old Testament describes such a moment in time as a “kairos” moment. At the time of Jesus, there were two common words to denote time in the ancient Greek language: kairos and chronos. Kairos is used to highlight an extremely significant event in time, while chronos, from which the world chronology is related, describes a span of time—boring waiting in line sort of time.

I want kairos time but I often settle for chronos time; however, I believe that we are living in an extremely significant set of circumstances. Why? God is birthing a “new thing.” In a word that new thing is characterized by “community.” Community? You might be saying to yourself, “He didn’t just say community? What is so significant about that?” Contrary to its frequent use, community is revolutionary. Just ask any revolutionary how much they need community. Most people don’t really live in community with one another. I know what you might be saying, “Sure they do, 255 million plus people live in America!!!” But that is not the sort of authentic community that I am talking about. Yeah, people live together but they are not in life-giving fellowship and friendship. Many people live lives of “quite desperation” seeking authentic community in friendships, boyfriends, girlfriends, careers and the list goes on, but in the end finding only a stream of brokenness and hurt. I believe God is bringing forth a community of people that will come together and care for one another as Jesus taught two thousand years ago—laying down their lives for the other. Now I am sounding revolutionary. I mean what I say—this is risky and bold. Community isn’t just for itself, it’s for mission and purpose. It’s the sort of community that Dietrich Bonhoeffer led in opposition against the Nazi regime and got killed over. That’s what I am talking about!

“The new thing” ministry is being birthed...God is birthing true community and he wants to do it alongside with you. I believe that there is a sort of prayer that births something. If you want this then pray—a lot! This isn’t just any prayer; it’s the sort of prayer that calls fire from heaven, a dead man from a tomb, and tears of blood from the brow. The flow of the river is against this—we’re too busy, too broken ourselves, too dry. Yet, I know of another river that flows in the desert and makes green things grow. It’s starts out a stream but ends up a flood over taking all other rivers. It’s starts out tiny but ends up titanic. If you want something real and authentic then come to the Cross—you’ll find the birthing of authentic community in this context.

A Kairos Moment © Jeremy Pendergraft

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Esther Naikye said...

Powerful writing about a Kairos moment and the true meaning of community. I think those reason of we are too busy or too dry ourselves must stop....the more I have availed myself for the work of God, the more grace has been given me and more Kairos moments I have experienced in my life and career. I believe a Kairos moment is not a one off....God is a God that give innumerable Kairos moments...I believe that.

Brian Francis Hume said...

Well said Esther! This article was written by Pastor Jeremy Pendergraft who is a man after God's own heart; and one is is quite passionate about community. I appreciate your point concerning the fact that God desires us to experience "innumerable Kairos moments" throughout our lives. Obviously much of that will be contingent upon whether or not we permit the Holy Spirit to do a deeper work of grace in us so that we can seize those kairos moments! May the Lord continue to bless the fruit of your labors! Blessings.